It is hard to believe that Kalu is over twenty years in existence. Kalu was formed through a vision shared by both Kate & Louise, an idealistic vision that paid homage to outstanding innovative designers producing quality garments that for the fashion conscious signified more than a piece of clothing, but were appreciated as a piece of art that spoke of a certain lifestyle and expressed a particular aesthetic about the wearer.

Despite the challenges of recent years, both Kate & Louise have remained loyal to this vision and continued to support the artistic expression of excellent design. With the loyal support of valued customers Kalu has survived and become a rare mecca for the fashion conscious anywhere in Ireland and beyond.

With their team of wonderfully long-standing staff members, Kalu demonstrates the versatility of their chosen brands as expressed by staff who while all sharing the talent for impeccable taste and style, manage to do so in a very broad spectrum from classic chic to quirky Boho. This is the ethos of Kalu, that style is achieved through the transition of what the wearer brings to each item of clothing giving the garment a unique expression through the union of amazing design and personal style. All of the team in Kalu pride themselves on their ability to find this serendipity for clients of their store.